Why Did I Start Blogging?

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Why Did I Start Blogging?

My journey leading up to this blog as well as what I hope to gain from it

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Jarred Taylor
·Dec 9, 2021·

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In early 2020, my mentor recommended that I created a medium account to read more technical articles and immerse myself more into my programming journey. At least once a week, I would come across an article titled something like ‘Why Absolutely Every Single Developer Should Start a Blog’, and I must admit, that did spark an interest. From that time on, I’ve always thought “maybe I should give this writing thing more of a shot”. Needless to say, it took me quite a bit of time to follow up on that thought considering the fascination began in early 2020 and it is now December of 2021. Truthfully, I was intimidated. I didn’t believe I knew enough about any programming language at the time. I didn’t think I had anything to write about. Fast forward to August of 2020, two friends of mine decided to start a podcast to talk about football and house it within our up-and-coming media group. I loved it. I loved the process from creating flow charts for every episode to having conversations on Twitter with some of the listeners of the show regarding what we discussed. Although I built a personal social media following from scratch talking about sports and became more comfortable publicly voicing my opinions, I never considered transferring these same concepts over to the tech space. Now let’s jump to December of 2020. I wrote my first article on medium! No, it had absolutely nothing to do with anything tech-related. I wrote a musical article interviewing an artist from St. Louis, and then followed this up with another written interview with another artist from South Carolina. This time I was specifically writing things intending to publish them to medium and still did not consider doing the same for topics related to technology or my journey in tech.

Taylor’s I/O: Today

After multiple web development projects, reading technical books, countless hours in meetings with my mentor, and two semesters completed towards my Bachelors of Science in Software Engineering, I finally felt moved to begin writing. What solidified this was me being deployed and instantly having an ample amount of free time. I no longer had an excuse to keep pushing this back. After enrolling in a new programming boot camp focused on Machine Learning, Data Analytics, & Artificial Intelligence, I figured this would be the best time to begin documenting my journey. With me transitioning from web development towards machine learning as well as transitioning out of the military soon, I now feel like I have plenty to write about and have become beyond self-motivated to kickstart my blogging journey. I want to document all of these transitions as well as what it looks like on the other side of it. When in school, learning any new programming concepts, meeting with my mentor, or going through anything major in life, I always naturally take a boatload of notes or even write small journal excerpts (double-check this wording). I realize this shouldn’t be too different, and after creating and deploying a new personal web app to display my portfolio and a little bit more about myself, I figure this is also the perfect time to finally publish my blog.

Taylor’s I/O: In the Future

There are 3 goals I have in mind for this blog.

My first and main goal to achieve through this blog is to help someone. I want to help anyone out there who is either new to programming or transitioning from one focus of software engineering to another. I am right here with you, I completely understand. Hopefully one of my upcoming blog posts can help ease the transition, or feel free to shoot me a DM on Twitter or email for the fastest response. Or, just leave a comment! I want to show you not only that it is possible, but to also show you the steps I took to make it possible.

In relation to goal number 1, I also want to help my fellow military members. I often come across members who either don’t know where to start or feel like they have to wait until their completely removed from the military before beginning their next journey. I want to help them understand that neither of those has to be the case and there is a way to begin the process while still in the military. Not only are you able to learn these technical skills and then transition out of the military to enter a tech career, but you can also learn these skills to begin freelancing while staying in the military for however long you desire.

The second goal I hope to achieve through this blog is to get help for myself. Coding has its challenges. Web development and machine learning have challenges. Trying to enter the software engineering career field has challenges. Speed bumps are undeniably on the horizon of this journey and I’m sure I’ll need plenty of help along the way. I plan to use this blog to publicly ask for help. I’ve noticed that quite a few of my best projects have been able to happen because I got some help along the way. This isn’t always directly from someone, sometimes it’s from stack overflow, my mentor, or just hopping around google searching for answers. I also want to use my blog as a source to get any answers that I need and gain different perspectives across various topics.

My final goal is to build a network. As I’ve mentioned, I originally studied business in college, I played sports my whole life, I wrote about music, and I have a football-centric podcast. My network is desperately lacking technical members and I hope to use this blog to begin sparking some of those relationships. I hope that I can not only make linear relationships with people also fairly new to programming, but also lateral relationships with people who have already crossed some of the milestones I have in mind.

Welcome to my blog, Taylor’s Input/Output. I hope you enjoy it, there will be plenty more blog posts to come! Feel free to follow my new Twitter page as I hope to grow a presence there as well.

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