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Who Are You

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Hello World! My name is Jarred Taylor, a Full-Stack Software Engineer from St. Louis, MO, currently in the Atlanta, GA area. After graduating high school, I briefly attended Minnesota State University on a football scholarship, there, I pursued a BBA in International Business. After a few injuries and feeling the need to recalibrate my current path, I decided to enlist in the United States Air Force.

Shortly after graduating from Basic Military Training in January of 2019, I became extremely intrigued with Software Engineering. After completing an online programming boot camp as well as doing additional extensive training with my mentor, I slowly started taking on freelance web development opportunities. As I completed more projects, did more research on the layers of software engineering, studied more programming languages, and also enrolled into Arizona State University to pursue a B.S in Software Engineering, I naturally continued to evolve into a stronger Software Engineer.

After nearly two years of almost working exclusively on web development, I began to realize I had much more interest in the AI, Machine Learning, and Data Engineering side of Software Engineering. As I plan to transition out of the military soon, I also plan to become a Machine Learning Engineer upon my departure rather than a web developer.

During my free time, I love all things related to fitness, traveling, and getting outdoors. I have always had a knack for reading, but over the past few months, I have recently discovered a new passion for writing. That new passion, as well as my desire to build a greater network to meet more people in the industry as well as learn new things, I decided to create this blog as well as a new Twitter account to document my journey, learn in public, and get more involved in the tech space as a whole.

This blog will be housed within the new website that I have created to showcase my portfolio more creatively compared to my GitHub portfolio. Also, feel free to add me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter to get connected with me!

Stay tuned for more blog posts and feel free to reach out to me by any means!

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