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My Personal Web App

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·Dec 22, 2021·

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I’ve decided to begin a new series to discuss my ongoing projects. Not only do I want to showcase the process of creating these projects, but I also may sometimes be asking for help. The first installation of this series is my personal portfolio which will be housed at I am creating this by primarily using ReactJS. I want to create a personal web page to display my resume and portfolio in a creative manner that also captures who I am as a Software Engineer better than any other job searching platform. In addition, I wanted to have a central location to contain everything about me and all of my links. Going to my webpage can also lead you to my GitHub, Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, and anything else I want to add. In short, I want to provide an easier way to access me. My resume can be downloaded directly from the website, and you can also click one button to email me.

Early Steps

I previously had a pretty dull static HTML web page; I decided to create an interactive web application using React. I wanted to learn how to deploy a react app and use yarn package manager instead of npm. Having these few checkboxes in mind, I got to work.

I have learned to become more comfortable with as a web developer is not being afraid to look around for inspiration. I looked at other Software Engineers’ websites, and noted bits and pieces that I thought made sense or even just looked cool. For example, giving the user a way to just click and download my resume was acquired through looking at other web pages.

Gathering Stage

Picking a suitable font, establishing a color pallet, and determining what photos I want to implement is the gathering stage. After deciding on my background image for the landing page, I headed over to color hunt to see what color pallets would complement that image the best. I then moved on to the font; I frequently use inkbot design to see what complimentary fonts look best for the theme I’m seeking for that specific project.

I also had to decide what information I wanted to include on my website. I’ve always felt as if a 1-page resume didn’t capture enough of the picture, and I also didn’t believe LinkedIn provided the best way to accomplish this. I pulled a lot of the same info from those sources, but this time I went into depth on everything I felt needed a deeper explanation. For example, I wanted to explain why I shifted from studying business in college to studying software engineering to finally moving to my Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Computing. I also wanted to explain what I’ve actually learned during these school years.

Where Am I Currently

Currently, I am having some issues with the formatting of the programming languages on my webpage. I don’t like having the 3 languages displaying as close together as they currently are on mobile devices. The rows of these languages are not correctly aligned on a desktop, with the first column appearing higher than the others.

After I fix these issues, I will be 100% completed with this personal project.

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